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RRB NTPC 2019 GK Question Answer | Railway GK Part 7

RRB NTPC 2019 GK Question Answer | Railway GK Part 7

1. Which is the longest railway zone in India?
Northern Railways

2. Full form of BSF?
Border Security Force

3. Specialist of skin called?

4. What is ozone formula?

5. Taj Mahal built in which century?
17th Century

6. Which of the longest canal?
The Grand Canal, China

7. National flower of Bangladesh?
Water Lilly

8. When did Pakistan become fully republic?
14 August 1947

9. Full form of SDLC?
Systems Development Life Cycle

10. Brindavan Express runs between?
Bangalore and Chennai

11. Fatehpur sikri was founded by?
Emperor Akbar

12. Fatehpur sikri was founded in?

13. ONGC stand for?
Oil and Natural Gas Corporation

14. Invented of computer?
Charles Babbage

15. Capital of dadra and nagar haveli?

16. Bhagavad gita book written by?

17. When celebrate earth day?
22 April

18. Name of Ganga river in Bangladesh?

19. Who Discovered Pentium chip?
Vinod Dham

20. Which element is responsible for color of skin?

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