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How to make shapes in photoshop | Photoshop Tutorial

In this post we will learn how to make shapes in photoshop. It’s easy to use just select tool and create any shape.



By the way six tools available in Photoshop:

  1. Rectangle Tool
  2. Rounded Rectangle Tool
  3. Ellipse Tool
  4. Polygon Tool
  5. Line Tool
  6. Custom Shape Tool


Rectangle Tool
Rectangle tool used to make rectangle and square based shapes.

Rounded Rectangle Tool
Rounded rectangle tool used to make rounded rectangle based shapes and curved shapes.

Ellipse Tool
Ellipse tool use to make circle based shapes.

Polygon Tool
Polygon tool use to polygon shapes but in this we can make multiple shapes like 6 polygon based shape and 5 polygon shapes which is useful we can make & use easily.

Line Tool
Line tool use to draw a line and make border.

Custom Shape Tool
Custom shape tool use to make any shape & you can also customize any shape by this tool. It’s very useful in Photoshop to make icons & vector based designs.


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