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SSC MTS 2017 Most Important GK (General Knowledge) Questions with Answers Part 17


SSC MTS 2017 Exam Date and Syllabus

SSC MTS 2017 Exam Syllabus

Most Important General Knowledge Questions with Answers for SSC MTS 2017 Part 17
In this video we will learn most important GK General knowledge questions with answers which is already came in previous SSC CGL, SSC CHSL & SSC MTS Exams. There is lots of possibility of these questions if you want to really qualified this SSC MTS 2017 exam so watch all parts of given play List

SSC MTS 2017 most important GK Play List

1. Which is the hardest substance available on earth?
Ans. Platinum

2. Genetic material of virus?
Ans. RNA or DNA

3. Mycology is the study of?
Ans. fungi

4. Pure water has PH level around?
Ans. 7

5. Chemical formula for water is?
Ans. H2O

6. Mango has the chief source of vitamin?
Ans. Vitamin C

7. The structural unit of nervous system?
Ans. Neuron

8. Which of the following is a non metal that remains liquid at room temperature?
Ans. Bromine

9. Which of the following is used in pencils?
Ans. Graphite

10. Which of the following metals forms an amalgam with other metals?
Ans. Mercury

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