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SSC MTS 2017 Most Important General Knowledge Questions with Answers Part 2


SSC MTS 2017 Exam Date and Syllabus

SSC MTS 2017 Exam Syllabus

Most Important General Knowledge Questions with Answers for SSC MTS 2017 Part 2
In this video we will learn most important GK General knowledge questions with answers which is already came in previous SSC CGL, SSC CHSL & SSC MTS Exams. There is lots of possibility of these questions if you want to really qualified this SSC MTS 2017 exam so watch all parts of given play List

SSC MTS 2017 most important GK Play List

1. Which among the following is the highest peacetime gallantry award in India?
Ans. Ashok Chakra

2. Buddhist scriptures were written in which language?
Ans. Pali

3. Anthrax infection is caused by?
Ans. Bacteria

4. Who is the author of the famous book ‘Bharat – Bharati’?
Ans. Maithilisharan Gupt

5. A money bill can be originated only in?
Ans. Lok Sabha

6. Who is the present ‘Commerce of Industry Minister’ of Government of India?
Ans. Nirmala Sitharaman

7. Manas National Park is located in which of the Indian state?
Ans. Assam

8. On which day Woman’s day celebrated internationally?
Ans. 8th March

9. Who among the following is remembered in India as ‘Frontier Gandhi’?
Ans. Khan Abdul Ghaffar Khan

10. Where is the headquarters of Red Cross is situated?
Ans. Geneva

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