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SSC MTS 5 August 2019 Asked Gk Questions with answer key all shift

In this article we will discuss about SSC MTS 5 August 2019 Asked GK Questions with answer key all shift. Here you can download PDF of 5 august MTS 2019 Exam. We will now have a look at the SSC MTS 2019 exam asked GK.

Where is diamond museum located?


How many digits in debit card?

16 digits

Who is the President of Slovakia?

Zuzana Caputova

What is the Capital of Slovakia?


Who was the 5th Sikh Guru?

Guru Arjan

Who is 17th Lok Sabha Speaker?

Om Birla (since 19 June 2019)

Where is Humayun Tomb?

New Delhi

What is Unit of Pressure?


Which dynasty was founded by qutubuddin aibak?

Slave Dynasty

What is S.I. Unit of Power?


Electron was discovered by?

J. J. Thomson (1897)

“War and Peace” book is written by?

Leo Tolstoy

Rajiv Gandhi Khel ratna award 2018 winner?

Virat Kohli & Saikhom Mirabai Chanu

How many schedule in Indian constitution?


Which Book written by Dadabhai Naoroji?

Which of the following is not the governor of RBI?

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