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RRB NTPC 2019 GK Question Answer | Railway GK Part 1

RRB NTPC (Non-Technical Popular Category) 2019 GK Questions with Answers, This is part 1 of RRB NTPC 2019 GK and Railway GK, Read all most important GK General Knowledge Questions with answers for RRB NTPC 2019.

Almost questions taken from previous rrb group d exams and previous rrb ntpc exams. As we know rrb mostly used repeated questions in the exams so we have to focus just on the previous exams. IF we focus on the previous exam then our 70 % preparation is done.


1. What is slogan of Indian Railway?
Lifeline of the Nation.

2. Name the Governor of Sikkim?
Ganga Prasad

3. Which Indian state has no railway line?

4. When Indian railway started?
16 April 1853

5. Where is human heart placed in body?
Left Side

6. Who is the Chairperson of Niti Aayog?
PM Narendra Modi

7. Who is the Inventor of telephone?
Alexander Graham Bell

8. Who is PV sindhu?
Indian Badminton Player

9. Formula of heavy water?

10. Dynamite Invented by?
Alfred Nobel

11. Geet Govind book written by?

12. Who discovered the Blood group?
Karl Landstainner

13. Capital of Norway?

14. Who is CEO of Amazon?
Jeff Bezos

15. Baking Soda Formula?

16. Which gas is used in electric bulb?

17. What is the capital of Australia?

18. 1st July celebrated as?
National Doctors’ Day

19. What is Uganda capital?

20. World Computer Day?
2nd December

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