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Prop Drilling in React JS | Part 10 | React JS Tutorials in Hindi

In this tutorial, we’ll be learn what is Prop Drilling in React JS. This is the part 10 of React JS Tutorials in Hindi. Prop drilling, also known as “threading props” or “passing props down the component tree”, refers to the process of passing data from a parent component to deeply nested child components through intermediate components that do not actually use the data themselves.

Prop drilling becomes an issue when you have deeply nested components and need to pass data from the top-level parent component to the bottom-level child component. In such cases, props have to be passed through every intermediate component, even if those components don’t need the data themselves. This can make the code harder to maintain and understand, especially as the component tree grows larger.

To avoid prop drilling, you can use React context or state management libraries like Redux to manage and pass data throughout your component tree without explicitly passing props through every level. This makes your code cleaner and more maintainable, especially in large applications with deeply nested component structures.

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